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ToString.h File Reference

This header defines the ToString class. More...

#include <ssrc/wispers-packages.h>
#include <typeinfo>
#include <sstream>
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class  ToString
 ToString is a convenience class for converting non-string types to strings. More...


template<typename T >
string to_string (const T &obj) SSRC_DECL_THROW(std
string to_string< string > (const string &obj) SSRC_DECL_THROW(std
string to_string< char * > (char *const &obj) SSRC_DECL_THROW(std

Detailed Description

This header defines the ToString class.

Definition in file ToString.h.

Function Documentation

template<typename T >
string to_string ( const T &  obj) [inline]
string to_string< char * > ( char *const &  obj) [inline]

Definition at line 255 of file ToString.h.

string to_string< string > ( const string obj) [inline]

Definition at line 248 of file ToString.h.

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