Vareos™ is Savarese Software Research Corporation's platform for rapidly building Web-based business and consumer applications that present either a windowed graphical user interface or a mobile application interface. Vareos™ applications are device and operating system independent, usable on your desktop or your tablet regardless of its manufacturer. Vareos™ is currently being demonstrated publicly as a technology preview release, but will form the basis of the upcoming Igfip™ relaunch.

Web Wispers™

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Web Wispers™ is a powerful computing framework for building Web applications that can scale to over one hundred nodes for enterprise deployments or publicly-facing Web services. Early versions were made available as open source software, but is currently proprietary software.


Igfip™ is a forthcoming online gaming community catering to boardgamers. It supports both real-time and turn-based play on both Web and mobile platforms. Built using Ssrc technologies, Igfip™ supports the low-latency browser-to-browser communication required for multi-user interactive Web applications such as Web-based multi-player games, instant messaging, and collaborative business applications.

Ssrc Wisp™

The open source Ssrc Wisp™ event-based distributed service framework allows you to rapidly build event-based distributed services in C++. Events are delivered as native C++ data structures, avoiding the complexity and performance cost of manipulating intermediate serialization formats. Ssrc Wisp™ is suitable for constructing custom enterprise services and back-end services for Web applications, such as Web Wispers™.

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2018090901 bootstrap 1.1.12 Released. bootstrap v1.1.12 is now available. bootstrap is a bash script that makes it easier for developers to manage autotools-based projects for multiple configuration environments. This release corrects a defect whereby GNU make would not be found on some FreeBSD systems when using the -config or other options that result in running a generated configure script.