Vareos™ is Savarese Software Research Corporation's platform for rapidly building Web-based business and consumer applications that present either a windowed graphical user interface or a mobile application interface. Vareos™ applications are device and operating system independent, usable on your desktop or your tablet regardless of its manufacturer. Vareos™ is currently being demonstrated publicly as a technology preview release, but will form the basis of the upcoming Igfip™ relaunch.

Web Wispers™

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Web Wispers™ is a powerful computing framework for building Web applications that can scale to over one hundred nodes for enterprise deployments or publicly-facing Web services. Early versions were made available as open source software, but is currently proprietary software.


Igfip™ is a forthcoming online gaming community catering to boardgamers. It supports both real-time and turn-based play on both Web and mobile platforms. Built using Ssrc technologies, Igfip™ supports the low-latency browser-to-browser communication required for multi-user interactive Web applications such as Web-based multi-player games, instant messaging, and collaborative business applications.

Ssrc Wisp™

The open source Ssrc Wisp™ event-based distributed service framework allows you to rapidly build event-based distributed services in C++. Events are delivered as native C++ data structures, avoiding the complexity and performance cost of manipulating intermediate serialization formats. Ssrc Wisp™ is suitable for constructing custom enterprise services and back-end services for Web applications, such as Web Wispers™.

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Recent News

2017041201 Vareos adds support for Microsoft Edge. Vareos Technology Preview 4 has been released, featuring support for Microsoft Edge and fixing various browser-specific issues.

2017041101 libssrcspread 1.0.13 Released. libssrcspread v1.0.13 (providing C++, Lua, Perl, Python, and Ruby bindings for the Spread group communication system) has been released. This release adds Error::IllegalTime corresponding to ILLEGAL_TIME added in Spread 5.0.

2017011601 Ssrc Wisp 1.3.1 Released. Ssrc Wisp v1.3.1 is now available. This release simplifies make_smart_ptr and generalizes it to allow specialization for arbitrary smart pointer types. The libtool version number has also been updated, which should have been done for the 1.3.0 release.

2017010901 Ssrc Wisp 1.3.0 Released. Ssrc Wisp v1.3.0 has been released, containing minor improvements and changing applicable features from boost to std::.