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parse_query.h File Reference

This header defines functions for parsing a URL query string. More...

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__BEGIN_NS_SSRC_WSPR_FCGI string parse_header_attribute (const string &header_value, const string &attribute, string::size_type pos=0, string::size_type *end=0)
void parse_query_string (const string &query_str, parameter_map &parameters)
void parse_multipart_data (const string &data, const string &boundary, parameter_map &parameters)
void parse_get_parameters (const FCGIRequest &request, parameter_map &parameters)
void parse_post_parameters (const FCGIRequest &request, parameter_map &parameters)

Detailed Description

This header defines functions for parsing a URL query string.

Definition in file parse_query.h.

Function Documentation

void parse_get_parameters ( const FCGIRequest request,
parameter_map parameters 

Definition at line 151 of file

References FCGIRequest::fcgx_get_param(), parse_query_string(), and URI::query().

Referenced by Relay::http_get().

__BEGIN_NS_SSRC_WSPR_FCGI string parse_header_attribute ( const string header_value,
const string attribute,
string::size_type  pos = 0,
string::size_type *  end = 0 

Definition at line 27 of file

Referenced by parse_multipart_data(), and parse_post_parameters().

void parse_multipart_data ( const string data,
const string boundary,
parameter_map parameters 

Definition at line 109 of file

References parse_header_attribute(), and detail::step().

Referenced by parse_post_parameters().

void parse_query_string ( const string query_str,
parameter_map parameters 

Definition at line 69 of file

References unescape_url(), and value().

Referenced by parse_get_parameters(), and parse_post_parameters().

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