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Sava Algorithms Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
sava::spatial::KDTree< Point, Value, Dimensions, Discriminator, Size >A k-d tree divides a k-dimensional space relative to the points it contains by storing them in a binary tree, discriminating by a different dimension at each level of the tree
sava::spatial::KDTreeConstTraits< Tree >KDTreeConstTraits stores metadata about const KDTree instances
sava::spatial::KDTreeTraits< Tree >KDTreeTraits stores metadata about KDTree instances
sava::spatial::Point< Dimensions, CoordType >A Point is a k-dimensional tuple of coordinates
sava::spatial::Point2D< CoordType >A two-dimensional specialization of the Point class
sava::spatial::Point3D< CoordType >A three-dimensional specialization of the Point class
sava::spatial::PointTraits< P >PointTraits stores metadata about Point instances
sava::time::StopWatchThis is a convenience class at the moment, rather than a properly designed timer class

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