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libssrckdtree C++ API 1.0.8 Documentation


libssrckdtree is Copyright 2003-2005 by Daniel F. Savarese and Copyright 2006-2009 by Savarese Software Research Corporation and is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 as described in the files accompanying the source distribution:



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libssrckdtree is a C++ header-only template library of spatial data structures, currently containing only an implementation of a kd-tree. Additional spatial data structures may be added in the future.

Compiling and Installation Instructions


libssrckdtree depends on the GNU development tool chain (g++, gmake, autoconf, automake, and libtool)—specifically GCC 4.3.x or greater is required for compilation on account of dependence on the 2003 TR1 tuple_size, get, and array extensions. Otherwise, the code is platform-independent and should compile on any operating system with a TR1-capable compiler. In addition, k-nearest neighbors search is conditionally compiled based on the availability of the Boost.Iterator library.

The unit tests require the Boost Test library ( to compile and run. Generation of test code coverage data requires lcov ( Generation of documentation requires doxygen ( None of these packages is required to build and install the library or compile code using the library.


Run the configure script to generate the Makefiles.

  configure --help

will list the configuration options.

Also, you may decide to use the --disable-namespace-versioning option to avoid having to recompile dynamically linked programs after upgrading the library.


To install:

  make install

If Doxygen is available on your system, you can generate API documentation with:

  make apidocs

If cppunit is available on your system, you can compile and run the unit tests with:

  make test

If lcov is available on your system in addition to cppunit, then you can generate the code coverage data with:

  make coverage

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Copyright © 2003-2005 Daniel F. Savarese.
Copyright © 2006-2009 Savarese Software Research Corporation.