libssrckdtree-j Generic k-d tree Java library

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libssrckdtree-j is a Java class library of spatial data structures, currently containing only an implementation of a k-d tree conforming to the java.util.Map interface. Additional spatial data structures may be added in the future. libssrckdtree-j implements a fully generalized multi-dimensional k-d tree. You can use keys with two, three, or more dimensions whose elements implment the Comparable interface. Stored values may be of any type derived from java.lang.Object. K-nearest neighbors search is implemented as of version 1.0.1.

If you require high-performance multi-dimensional range-searching using generic data structures, you may want to consider using the libssrckdtree C++ template library instead.

A Simple Example

The KDTree class implements the java.util.Map interface and adds a range-searching iterator function. The following example inserts some point/string pairs into a KDTree instance and iterates over a range to print some key-value pairs.

import java.util.*; import com.savarese.spatial.*; public final class kdtreedemo { public static void fillMap(Map map, Set points) { for(Object point : points) map.put(point, point.toString()); } public static HashSet generatePoints() { HashSet points = new HashSet(); Random random = new Random(); for(int i = 0; i < 100; ++i) { int x = random.nextInt(100); int y = random.nextInt(100); points.add(new GenericPoint<Integer>(new Integer(x), new Integer(y))); } return points; } public static final void main(String argv[]) { HashSet points = generatePoints(); RangeSearchTree<Integer, GenericPoint<Integer>, java.lang.String> tree = new KDTree<Integer, GenericPoint<Integer>, java.lang.String>(); fillMap(tree, points); Iterator<Map.Entry<GenericPoint<Integer>,java.lang.String>> range = tree.iterator(new GenericPoint<Integer>(25, 25), new GenericPoint<Integer>(75, 75)); while(range.hasNext()) { Map.Entry<GenericPoint<Integer>,java.lang.String> e =; System.out.println(e.getKey() + " : " + e.getValue()); } } }