Vareos™ In creating Vareos™, Savarese Software Research Corporation has changed the way Web applications are developed. If all you want to do is create an application for people to use immediately, without worrying about all the headaches of hosting, dealing with databases, Web servers, and application servers, then Vareos is for you.

Develop user applications using nothing but JavaScript and HTML5. Delegate user authentication, data persistence, document storage, real-time communication, and other common services to Vareos. Let the Vos™ graphical shell manage your user interface.

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Web Wispers™

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Savarese Software Research Corporation is the developer of the Web Wispers™ open source micro-cloud computing framework for rapidly building Web applications that can scale to over one hundred nodes for enterprise deployments or publicly-facing Web services.

Igfip™ Savarese Software Research Corporation is the creator of the Igfip™ online gaming community. Built using Ssrc technologies, Igfip™ supports the low-latency browser-to-browser communication required for multi-user interactive Web applications such as Web-based multi-player games, instant messaging, and collaborative business applications.

Ssrc Wisp™

The open source Ssrc Wisp™ event-based distributed service framework allows you to rapidly build event-based distributed services in C++. Events are delivered as native C++ data structures, avoiding the complexity and performance cost of manipulating intermediate serialization formats. Ssrc Wisp™ is suitable for constructing custom enterprise services and back-end services for Web applications, such as Web Wispers™.

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2013121901 bootstrap 1.1.9 Released. bootstrap v1.1.9 is now available. bootstrap is a bash script that makes it easier for developers to manage autotools-based projects for multiple configuration environments. This release adds a -build-dir argument, allowing the build directory location to be specified instead of using the default build/ subdirectory. bootstrap now exits with an error status if a command operation fails (e.g., make exits with an error during -build, configure fails during -config, etc.).

2013061801 RockSaw 1.0.3 Released. RockSaw v1.0.3 has been released, fixing a regression in v1.0.2 which created the possibility of integer overflow when using the select-based (not the poll-based) socket timeout emulation on Solaris. The bug resulted from converting milliseconds to microseconds instead of to both seconds and microseconds when initializing the timeval struct argument required by select(). RockSaw is a Java API for performing I/O with raw sockets that has been deployed on tens of thousands of computing nodes as part of custom enterprise applications.

2013060201 ltp 1.0.5 Released. ltp v1.0.5 is available for download. ltp is a general purpose text preprocessor intended for generative programming and template-based document generation. This release makes no code changes. It has simply changed the documentation source from asciidoc to DocBook in order to correct character encoding and output formatting problems in the generated documentation.